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We can make a refund for you, however we need to wait for 15th of December, when AWS sends us the full utilisation report.

Please make sure you send us a reminder email after 15th of December. Also, please include in your email the following information:
AWS Account number.
The billing period for the requested refund.
The amout to be refunded. This should not be higher than $25 USD.
The name of the product as it apears on your bill.
Please also read our refund policy here:

Best regards,
ProComputers Support
ok,thank you for your reply
i will send email after 10 days later
today a number 001206-577-0427 , i don't answer the phone, i guess is your company

i know it is not polite.

i'm sorry to say that, for my poor speaking english,i can't  answer the phone you call

if something else you want to tell me, just give me a email

thank you very much !
glad to mail you

as you say i send a mail to you about ten days later, today is 17th of December

i give you a mail about the bill of November,can you refund me $19.5

look forward to getting your reply,thank you very much.
my aws account is test, and my email is  

i just want to you can refund the bill of December about $19.5 ,because it is to expensive for me.

i can pay the bill of December about $2.5

the name of the product apears on my bill is  CentOS 7 Latest Minimal AMI Hourly  and it is saled by ProComputers,your company

thank you very much!

Your refund request has been approved. We have submitted the request to AWS Marketplace Customer Service team, which will process it.

Reference request ID ca3f5849-76ac-4baa-ac24-b246a374d5c6 if you have any questions.

The total amount to be refunded is $19.15 USD plus corresponding taxes. This is the billed amount for the November billing period.

Please make sure you read and understand our refund policy:

Please also note that every AMI we have listed in the AWS marketplace includes an instance type that is free of charge and can be used together with AWS Free Tier.

Best regards,
ProComputers Support
thank you very much!


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